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Octopus Paul Receives Death Threats

OMG, since Paul the Octopus correctly predicted Germany’s fate in the World Cup he has received numerous death threats by angry German supporters wanting to grill him and throw him in a paella. Such is the concerns, Spanish Prime Minister Jose Zapatero is offering the eight legged creature state protection. Even the Spanish Industry Minister demanded Paul  be given an “immediate” free transfer to Spain to “ensure his protection”. Despite concerns for Paul’s safety he will remain at Sea Life in Germany.

Psst No word on whether Paul will be asked to predict the finals outcome  or whether he really gives a toss now that his team’s out!


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Spanish Prime Minister Has Bean Hacked

Friggin funny, hackers have managed to replace the image of Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero with an image of Mr Bean on Spain’s official website. The image showed a smiling Mr Bean saying “Hi There”. Ah the mortified officials at Mr Zapatero’s say the security breach hadn’t resulted in any information being affected… sheez who cares, everyone had a good a laugh. Unemployment in Spain is currently at 19% and people blame poor handling of the economy.

Hi There!


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