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Lawsuit Over Budgie Smugglers

Out to dry!

I’m guessing a 60 year old lifesaver in speedos ain’t eye candy no more! Roy Lester is suing state Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation after he lost his job as a New York lifeguard because he refused to don on a pair of budgie smugglers for the annual swim test. Hello, the dude had been in the job for 40 years.Hello, the dude was in his late 50’s!!!!! Hello , we are talking tight, teeny, weeny SPEEDOs here!!! Anywho, the lawsuit was dismissed in 2009 but for the grace of god it has been reinstated by the appeals court last week.Damn straight there should be a law against old men wearing them. Hand me the petition, where do I sign!!!


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K-Mart goes Wal-Mart

Assistance in aisle 5

You know it maybe tolerated in WalMart but you don’t go around K-Mart in speedos and panty hose making a kerfuffle, no sirree. Seven men reaped havoc at a the Panama City Beach department store, one was running around in speedos and sneakers, while another was wearing a pretty white dress with red panty hose and lipstick. Oh and we won’t mention the man carrying around a double ended dildo either.They were all eventually rounded up and sent on their way. This isn’t friggin WalMart!


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