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Incy Wincy

Luckily this news reporter didn’t look what was crawling down her arm…

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I’m going to kill you, you’re dead!

When police received reports that a man was heard shouting ‘I’m going to kill you, you’re dead! Die, die’ followed by the haunting screams of a woman, and the sound of furniture being thrown, they sped to the scene. When they arrived, an out of breath, flushed face man answered the door. They soon discovered that the commotion was not a domestic violence incident at all but a single man trying to kill a spider. Despite telling the bewildered police it was a “really big one”, they asked to check the apartment to be sure and found 1 very dead spider and 1 empty can of mortein. OK loons, you are probably wondering about the woman screaming? Hmm, well he told police ‘Yeah sorry that was me, I really, really hate spiders.’


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When There Is A Spider In Your Car

Need I say more …


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Not So Incy Wincy

burning houseOne more time people , chasing some hairy backed spider around the laundry with a lighter and a can of spray paint gonna end with a big KABOOM! That’s $60,000 worth of fire damage to your house right there fool!


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Spider Named After Obama

Trapdoor spider named after President Obama

Better than Mittius Romneyai I guess

Ooh lucky President Obama, he’s just had a trapdoor spider named after him … Aptostichus barackobamai. This newly discovered species are very secretive , hide in underground burrows and have  a silk trapdoor. Hmm, I wonder if they migrated from Kenya…just saying.

Psst I bet they can be found in a fiscal cliff?


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Frisky Spider Has Enough

Oh my, it’s the Irwin’s of New Zealand and they are about to come face to face with the mother of all spiders. Hmm, he probably squashed the poor bugger!!!


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How Not To Catch A Spider

This is an oldie but  goodie. Sleep with one eye open people …


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Feet Up Oklahoma!!!

Here’s a statistic you didn’t see coming, black widow spider bites have doubled in Oklahoma in the past year, making it a grand total of 49. The Oklahoma Poison Control Center suspect the figure could be higher with people just not reporting them. How do you know if you’ve been bitten? Either you see the nasty assed spider chomp it’s fangs into you or you begin suffering from nausea, a headache, and muscle cramps.


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Ant Gets Owned

If there was ever a reason to be scared of nature this is it. Dear god, and it has a shock ending to boot!!!


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Incy Wincy Spider

Spider 1, Man 0

OK, here’s the thing Chris Welding, when spraying a spider with a flammable aerosol can, do not and I repeat, do not, light a cigarette to see if you had killed it. Holy kaboom Batman. The door blew off and Mr Welding was not only blown off his feet but received severe burns. No word on the spider.


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