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Spiderman Fail

OK, this Spiderman can’t do everything a spider can….


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Spiderman Gives Heckler An Ass Whipping

It is bad enough you have to don on a stinky dumbass Spiderman outfit to earn a living but having to endure taunts from people …that’s a licking.


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You Suck As A Superhero

Yeah. NO!

Be kind loons, he’s somebody’s son!  Dale Foughty, a 56 year old sword wielding robber wearing a Spiderman mask, has had his ass kicked by a broom wielding clerk. When Spiderman Dale waltzed into a convience store in North Carolina swinging his sword and demanding money he was promptly poked in the guts with a broom by the clerk. Oh Dale, that’s like a friggin $100,000 bond right there. Bummer.


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What Would Spiderman Do?

Oh for crying out loud people, what the hell are you guys doing in superhero costumes in the first place? OK, picture this, a comic book owner Michael Baulderstone dressed as Spiderman spies a customer acting suspicious and realizes he is trying to steal a valuable comic by shoving it in his backpack. Kaboom, Kapow, Bam. The next thing the sorry assed thief knows is he’s being hauled through the store by Spiderman. Meanwhile, several Jedi Knights and a Flash stood guard at the front door, just in case the suspect decided to flee with the $160 book. Don’t friggin mess with the superheroes of Adelaide’s Comic Centre people! Kickass!

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