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Butch Cassidy Was a Machinist from Spokane

Hands up who friggin cares if Butch Cassidy survived the 1908 shootout in Bolivia and actually returned to the US to live out his final years? Hmm, thought so! Anywho, a Utah book collector does and he believes  that William T Phillips, a machinist from Spokane, was in fact Butch! Seriously! If you give two hoots you can read the rest of the story here otherwise carry on as you were!

Cassidy and Phillips


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Bigfoot Sighting Alert

Oh for crying out loud people, can someone get a decent friggin shot of Bigfoot, I’m sick of squinting!!! The latest footage was taken by a group of very inattentive hikers who only realized they had  been walking a few feet away from something really friggin creepy when they later downloaded it onto a computer. What do you think loons, Bigfoot or some redneck taking a shortcut home? Um, the footage was taken in Spokane, Washington, which could explain a lot!

Psst Skeptics claim the big slapping sound one of the hikers makes just before Bigfoot appears was intended to cue the “beast”.


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Face Paint

Man injured using drill on spray canAnd the lesson today is how to die! OK, one more time people, do not..and I repeat..do not attempt to use a power tool to get paint out of a spray can! A Spokane man has some serious burns to his face after the cordless drill he was using to put a hole in the can set off a spark.You see, pressurized content, flammable paint, spark…boom!

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You Didn’t Happen To Find a Small Bag, Did Ya?

Lost, one bag of methamphetaminesChristopher Wilson was at Ziggy’s home improvement store in Spokane when he accidentally lost his bag of methamphetamines (silly billy). It wasn’t long before a staff member found the bag lying near the checkout and rang the police. But wait, what’s this? Surely that couldn’t be Mr Wilson reentering the store? Oh yeah, Mr Wilson, on discovering his stash was missing, returned to the store and left his name and number just in case it was found. Hmm, that saved the police a hell of a lot of effort.


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