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Jesus Appears For The Friggin Loon

Blahahaa Loons, I think I’ve been punk’d by a spook. On my recent trip to New Zealand I took several shots of the Waitukei sculpture late one night in Rotorua  (don’t ask!). Anywho, one of my photos had a strange white  object in the background which I assumed was just an insect freaking out over my flash. Hmm, on closer inspection I’m not that sure ……WTF ?  That better not be Jesus!

When I zoomed in ..... Boo!



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WTF Is That?

If you go into the Louisiana woods today you’re sure of a big friggin surprise. A deer hunter got the freak scared out of him when he stumbled across this thing in the dark. Despite the hunter saying it is definitely not a hoax, he’s getting a dissing from commenters on the Wildgame Innovations website he posted the vid on.



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A Spook on Facebook

You must de-friend me...NOW!

You must de-friend me...NOW!

Honey, sweetie, darl…no! You are the wife of the soon to be head of MI6 (or Secret Intelligence Service) you don’t go posting your hubby’s face on your friggin Facebook page. Geez, were you not briefed? Lady Shelley Sawers thought nothing of posting her family snaps including Sir John Sawers himself,their home, holiday destinations and even some of their relis and friends on the popular social media site. Oooh and it has no privacy protection.Brilliant! And guess who’s  brother-in-law is an associate of David Irving, the controversial Right-wing historian? Sir John Sawers…bravo for that tidbit. Hmm, quick everyone, witness protection program ASAP!

Psst Nice speedos Johnny!


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