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They Still Have Friggin Spies?

One minute you are sharing a burger with Russian prez Dmitry Medvedev then, bam!, you’re agents have arrested 10 (with 1 still at large)  alleged friggin Russian spies. The suspects have been accused of carrying out “deep-cover assignments” for Russian intelligence services. The FBI and CIA have been investigating the sneaky little buggers for over a year decade. It is believed the  people are Russians sent to the USA by the Kremlin and were given false identities and were even paired up as couples (and had children) to blend in unnoticed in American society. Sheez, while all the time they were really  using encrypted data in images on public websites and coded “radiograms” set at special frequencies to communicate with their mates in Moscow. The info requested by Russia was mainly about US policy-making shite including Afghanistan, Iran’s nuclear program, and a new weapons treaty between US and Russia. Some members of the spy ring will be charged with money laundering after they were recorded by the FBI, on occasions, receiving or digging up  bags of money.

Psst Hmm, lets face it, whatever secrets they have been sharing it hasn’t helped either  country!

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Spooks Behind Cursed Bread

According to an American investigative journalist those damn friggin spooks were behind the 1951 mass insanity of a village in southern France.  The mystery of the ‘cursed bread’ of Pont-Saint-Esprit has haunted residents for decades with many believing the reason why so many villagers went psycho was due to the local bread being infected with psychedelic mould. Hmm, but if H P Albarelli Jr is correct the CIA were behind it. He believes the bread was laced with LSD as part of a mind control experiment during the cold war. Oh nice one, if this is the case then the five people who died, the dozens who were sent to asylums in straight jackets and the hundreds who just went completely la-la deserve a friggin apology. Among the stories of that terrible time included an 11 year old who tried to strangle his granny, a man thought he was a plane and jumped from a two story window and another resident who thought his heart had escaped through his feet and wanted the doctor to put it back. Albarelli Jr has uncovered documents which suggest the CIA and the US army’s top-secret Special Operations Division (SOD) used drugs supplied by the Swiss-based Sandoz Pharmaceutical Company to experiment with mental manipulation.It is still unclear if the French intelligence services of the time knew of this experiment but no doubt there will be a few WTFs and please explains.


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Girl Guide Spooks

I forgot what I had to say!

What’s worse than a Girl Guide  in your pocket? A Brownie in your pants. Hmm, a top secret British document has just been released which has confirmed 90 teenage Girl Guides were friggin spooks working for MI5 during World War I.Shocked? All the girls aged between 14-16 worked between 1914 and 1918 with their main role being to pass on messages (some even verbally) on behalf of the secret security services. originally MI5 focused on Boyscouts but soon switched to Girl Guides because they were less boisterous and talkative (and their damn biscuits were tasty!).

Psst Please god don’t let Kate Winslet find out or it’ll be another friggin Oscar.


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