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Tears For Fears

spray can 2OK ladies, if you plan to use pepper spray for evil, please think about who you are going to target.  A man was heading to an ATM when the woman appeared with a can of pepper spray demanding money. When he man refused she sprayed him . Unlucky for her, he fought back, grabbed the can and sprayed her right back into her face until she fled (in tears).


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Quite A Stink

Forget the Dutch oven, a Florida couple woke up to find a skunk under their bed. James Dean (not the dead actor) followed the critter to behind some furniture where he got a spraying for his troubles.


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The Skunk That Ruined Christmas

Phew, that was a good one!

Sometimes Christmas just stinks and this year it will for the 800 children who won’t be getting a toy from Operation Christmas a charity organization from Oklahoma. Seems a skunk snuck into the shed where the $16,000 worth of toys were being kept, lifted it’s tail and gave them a friggin spraying.


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Oh Deer!

Like I need to get more pissed!!!

OK, for starters, EWH! A drunk man walked into a bar in Jacksonville and proceeded to spray the place with deer urine, sending patrons fleeing for fresh air.Evidently the smell was awesomely putrid . When questioned, Joshua Aaron Brunke told police a friend had offered him $20 to take the bottle of deer piss and spray it inside the bar.

Psst How the hell did he get the deer to piss into the bottle?


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Golden Shower

That's gross!

Ewh, a man is facing charges after it was alleged he sprayed fox urine on protesters and a police officer outside a restaurant in Portland. No one is quite sure why he sprayed them as he wasn’t involved in the wage dispute protest but it may have been because he was sick and tired of the commotion near his apartment (which happens to be above the restaurant). Geez, forget the story, I want to know how he got a fox to pee into a container!


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