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Ebola Virus On The Loose

screamSeriously, which part of OMG run, did you not get? Have you not seen the uber friggin plague movies where someone gets on a plane with an infectious disease and spreads it faster than jam on a muffin? Suddenly, after months of “run, flesh-eating Ebola virus on the loose”, authorities are only NOW worried about airports. Well, too late, someone has already spread the world’s deadliest disease to another country after hopping onto a flight to Lagos. Yep, his potential trail of distruction includes everyone at the airport he got on and off at, everyone on the plane and also Togo, where his flight had a scheduled stopover. So boom, there you have it, the script that is no longer fiction.


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You Can Thank Me Later

Just letting you know Loons, the gonorrhea superbug has spread to Japan. Have a nice day.


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Promise You Won’t Tell?

They aren't real!!!!

How long do you think a woman can keep a secret? If you said 32 minutes, take a bow. Yep, a recent study has found a female can only hold her tongue for a little over half an hour. Even more disturbing 13% deliberately offload the gossip in order for it to spread. Bitchy!!!

Want sauce with that?


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Actress Does Not Have Six Toes

OK Grey’s Anatomy fans, lets just get this straight, Ellen Pompeo does not have six toes on each foot. It’s lies people, lies. The misunderstanding started after a photo was published in the Daily Mail of what appeared to be the actress having six toes on each foot, a condition known as polydactyly.This has now proven to have been an optical illusion, so can we all go back to pulling the piss on Lindsay Lohan please!!!


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