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Not Just Nuts

Squirrel be like WTF. A intsy weensy Canadian squirrel managed to destroy 20,000 gallons of milk at a cheese factory. Evidently he chewed through a wire that happened to be attached to a piece of machinery and well you can guess the rest. Naughty squirrel.

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A squirrel walks into a bar….

Imagine the surprise when you discover your bar has been trashed and the culprit staggers from behind a packet of potato chips still drunk as a skunk. Introducing one little inebriated squirrel. Seems the little rodent spent the night in the Honeybourne Railway Club getting into the alcohol. During his drunken stupor he smashed bottles , glasses and turned on the beer tap. The little guy was still pissed when he was eventually thrown out.


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Firing Results in A Firing

Are you nuts?

Are you nuts?

Pepper spraying and shooting at a little squirrel in a Tennessee dollar store, that’s a firing right there… for the cop that is. Yep, after responding to a call about a wayward squirrel the officer opened fire on the poor wee thing and then when that failed he attempted to pepper spray it. Unfortunately he didn’t bother to tell the customers who left coughing and hacking out of the store.  As for the squirrel, no word on his fate. OK, before anyone makes a joke, I’m going for …what a cheap shot….. get it ? Dollar store/cheap shot , oh never mind.


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Bank Balls Up

Bank  posts photo of squirrel with testicles caughtNote to all banks, don’t be posting no photo of a cute little squirrel hanging by its balls, some customers might think it is in bad taste especially when you use the caption “Because accidents don’t just happen to others, insurance will also cover you for any temporary injuries”. Within a few hours the Caisse d’Epargne Bank was forced to remove the unlucky squirrel due to social media back lash.


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That’s Nuts

Squirrel brings down NasdaqThe Nasdaq flatlined yesterday and it is kinda being blamed on a nut hoarding squirrel.OK, they aren’t coming right out and saying a little rodent is to blame for killing the iconic electronic stock market but if you read between the lines …. “We’re not saying it’s squirrels, just that squirrels have taken down the Nasdaq before” … they pretty much are.


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Bubonic Plague Squirrel

Plague infested squirrel found in CaliforniaNo need to panic loons but a plague infested squirrel has been found in the Table Mountain Campgrounds in California. The squirrel tested positve last week and now the area has been closed. Damn those fleas.  Aint nobody want no bubonic plague.


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Squirrel’s Revenge

and they think I’m nuts!!!!

OK, here’s the thing dude who used a propane torch to skin a squirrel before eating it. Don’t friggin torch it on a wooden deck in an apartment complex. Now there are some really pissed off residents. The squirrel torching resulted in eight apartments being totally destroyed and 32 uninhabitable. No word on how the squirrel tasted but I am guessing,  a tad over done.

Psst Michigan


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Alarm Pulling Squirrel

This squirrel is lucky it hasn’t been expelled! Bad Squirrel!!!  Thanks to the naughty rodent the Florida school district have included fire alarm pulling squirrels in their maintenance contingency fund.


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Hey, Anyone Seen My Nuts?

An attention seeking squirrel has been having fun at the ball game. Not once but twice.

Psst These vids compliments of His Queen.


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Nuts To You

I friggin love psycho squirrels. Introducing Foamy the kick ass squirrel ….


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