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Not in My Job Description

How far would a reporter go to get a story? Well, one St Louis journo picked up human poop and sniffed it. The woman was reporting was on a farmer who was using human feces to fertilize his crops. During the interview she reached down and picked up the “treated” poop and gave it a good old whiff declaring it “doesn’t smell good”.

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Maybe Not Meet Me In St Louis, Louis

Sale of condoms banned in St LouisHands up who knew that since 1934 the sale of condoms have been banned in St. Louis? Hmm, me neither but it would explain the high rates of sexually transmitted diseases and teen pregnancies….just saying. Anywho, the city is working on overturning the stupid law. As you were….

Want sauce with that?


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Thanks Wall Street

A big shout out to the woman who buzzed Wall Street with a plane yesterday. Behind the plane she towed a banner which read “Thanks For The Downgrade. You Should All Be Fired.” You go girl. The single  working investment banker mother of two from St Louis was so pissed about America’s downgrade she felt the need to express her anger. Originally she planned to fly over Washington but it has a no fly zone.

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Pigeons Shit On The Kings Of Leon

OK, now imagine this on your face!

You know what I hate? When you are doing a concert and a friggin pigeon keeps pooping in your mouth. I really friggin hate that…oh so too Kings Of Leon. The band had to pull the plug on the concert at the Verizon Amphitheater in St Louis after they were continually pooped on by a flock of music hating pigeons. The band called it a night after only three songs having been shat on quite enough. Evidently it’s the birds’ quiet time up there in the rafters and quite frankly, rock music gives them the shits!  Pigeons 1, Shit scared rock band 0.


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I Love My Job

I wonder if they were No1s?

Next time you put money near your mouth just remember this story. A St Louis DoodyCalls Pet Waste Removal man discovered $58 in a pile of dog poop. Ewh, Steve Wilson noticed the bills protruding from the shit whilst scooping, so he pulled them out, sanitized them, whacked them in a plastic zip lock and returned it to the customer. I bet they were thrilled!  Despite the money being torn a little, the notes  can be returned to the bank and replaced. I bet they’ll be thrilled.


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Wife Shoots At Hubby Over Tax Refund

We'll see about that!

Never stand between a woman and her tax check. A woman from St Louis was so peeved that her hubby wouldn’t hand over some of their tax return money she attempted to shoot the miser. Yes, she followed him to work at a barber shop and took aim. Fortunately she missed but now she is facing first-degree assault and armed criminal charges. Police say the woman who eventually handed herself in said she was “more than justified”.

Psst No word on whether she got her money in the end!


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