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All Beef Patty

I just love a good food fight. Macca’s staff cracked a whopper in front of a bemused drive-thr customer. Priceless. Be warned…some choice language.

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Epic Robbery Fail

OK, here’s the thing, when robbing a fast food restaurant do not, and I repeat, DO NOT  do it at your place of work AND especially when having just finished a shift. Make sure your disguise is good enough to fool the staff, who know you and can identify you and will mock you to the media with quotes like this “Apparently he needs to work on that disguise a little” . And finally,  don’t be rocking up to work on Monday to say hi to your work mates, especially when they are being interviewed by police. That’s an arresting right there. Stupid is as stupid does.

Psst Alabama.


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A Restaurant With A Twist

A Florida psychiatrist has opened up a restaurant which is staffed by former drug addicts and psychiatric patients. The restaurant, which is part of Dr Robert Moran’s treatment clinic, provides his patients with a chance to get back on their feet and into a working environment. The doc does admit he is constantly giving them “second and third chances.”


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Seems Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo may be facing bankruptcy. The baton which was passed to young Bindi, following the unexpected death of Steve Irwin five years ago, has failed to bring in the much needed bucks to keep the dream alive.With news that 22 staff have been let go due to a slump in tourism, rumors are abound about mismanagement  and millions wasted on bad planning. Hmm, where were the wildlife warriors during the Queensland floods? If Steve were alive, he’d have been the first one in there helping with the animal rescue efforts and reminding us about all the little creatures who were suffering too. All I see  the Irwin’s doing these days  is plugging cake mix and flogging “straight to DVD”  Bindi movies.  It might be time to consider bringing Steve’s dad back and fix the mess.

Psst Hey Gillard, hows about a Save Australia Zoo levy?


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I’m Guessing That’s a No To Bacon

When a  customer got angry for being denied  bacon on their burger at a Halal-friendly  KFC store in Sydney this is what happened …..

KFC have suspended the staff member and are investigating whether the customer deliberately provoked him, which I suspect he did.

And yes, KFC has Muslim friendly stores in Australia  where they don’t serve bacon or pork in accordance with Islamic law.

Psst Thanks to Susi Spice for the story


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Friggin Mother-in-law Jokes

Oh dear, the Nanny State are at it again, this time mother-in law jokes are in the firing line. The London Borough of Barnet have banned staff from telling mother-in-law jokes because they are ‘offensively sexist’ and disrespectful to ‘family elders’. Hmm, yeah, so?

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Man Gives Domino Pizza Staff Some Curry

Why? Why?

WTF, a stocky man in a balaclava runs into a Domino’s Pizza store in Farnborough, Hants and throws curry powder into the faces of staff members.That’s hospitalization right there! Police haven’t a clue what motivated the man in black to attack the workers,as he didn’t bother to take anything,but his throwing was pretty accurate as four people were carted away for medical attention.

Psst OK, I may not be no Miss Marples but if that was me I would be focusing my attention on all the pissed off Indian restaurants in the vicinity .


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