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Bearman, Have You Heard?

WWE Stage Catches Fire in Cincinnati . Hmm, I hope this doesn’t ruin your plans Bearman?

UPDATE No fear, it was just a little charring.


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Sword Swallower vs Electric Powered Glass Tube

I don't know, something about a glass tube....

Oh no, anyone heard of UK sword swallower Hannibal Hellmurto? Well, the dude accidentally ripped a 4 inch hole in his esophagus during a live performance. Oh for crying out loud (literally) . The stage performer was doing the old swallow an electric powered glass tube trick in Bradford when something went terribly wrong and well, you know the rest. Ever the trouper, Hellmurto complete his show before collapsing backstage. Don’t worry, he’s OK, just 5 weeks of being fed through a tube and he’s back performing.


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