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Here Comes The BBBBBBride

Bride still marries after falling down stairsThere ain’t anything going to stop this 65 year old woman getting hitched, even falling down a flight of stairs. Yes sirree, after the bride tumbled down the stairs she dusted herself off , despite having a shattered elbow, and limped down the aisle where she was greeted with a chair and a rather horrified groom. After the vows she was taken to a medical center while everyone else enjoyed the reception.


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Dude You’re Drunk

OK, seriously loons, this is the friggin funniest drunk man you will see all day. Sheez, he’s going to wake up with more than a friggin hangover šŸ˜¦


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Baby On The Stairs

Hmm, there are only two options in this scenario, tumble or slide. I bet his chin hurts!!!

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