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Standoff Fail

Step away from the plates

Oh well, seems Aussie police aren’t immune to the occasional awks. Seems the men in blue spent 7 hours outside a house in an apparent standoff. Only prob, the house was empty. The Critical Incident Response Team members claim they were negotiating with a man who refused to leave the house but when they finally decided to enter…..crickets. Pity the fool who had to tell the school that had been in lock down all that time.


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Gone Postal

Could there  be anything worse than an ex postal worker with a samurai sword? Sheez, I don’t know,  might want to ask the poor deli clerk who was confronted by the angry katan-style samurai sword wielding Michael Burr. The deli clerk was just minding his own beeswax when the former postal worker came in and began swinging the sword around.  Burr eventually fled the scene and ran back home where a five hour standoff with the Washington SWAT team ensued. The drama ended when a canister of tear gas was shot through his window. Burr had recently been suspended from his US postal Service job.


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Epic Standoff Fail

Welcome to 2010. Let’s get the party started with my first dumbass story of the year, compliments of the Colorado Springs police. A two hour standoff at the Aztec Motel ended when police entered a room, only to discover it was empty. Apparently they thought Casey Eleeson and Seth Ebert were hold up in there…hmm evidently not.

Psst It seems Casey Eleeson is wanted for the attempted murder of her father, whom she is alleged to have  stabbed and her mother whom she is alleged to have shot. Hmm, a woman of many weapon skills.


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