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Friggin Toxic Mud

Egads, grab your wellies and waders folks there’s a toxic mud spill in Hungary. Urgh, seems the walls of a reservoir holding back aluminum residue burst, causing a 2m wave of toxic sludge to engulf 7 villages. The sludge has left a path of destruction, with fears it may  reach the Danube River. The interior minister has asked people to avoid contact with the mud because it friggin burns and could cause blindness if it gets in your eyes. Hungary has declared a state of emergency claiming it’s an “ecological catastrophe”. Sheez, I bet BP breathed a sigh of relief! So far the death toll is four but it is expected to rise.


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Christchurch Earthquake

You know what I friggin hate? When a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hits Christchurch and you are told not to flush your toilet. I really friggin hate that. Authorities are currently trying to restore electricity, water and sewerage to the devastated New Zealand city. Emergency services have pulled out 10 people from holes created by the quake. The New Zealand Prime Minister has declared a state of emergency with fears that power cuts will prevent the dairy industry from milking their cows this afternoon.


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A Shout Out To Corve

That's him!Many of the Loons may know Corve Dacosta, he is a regular blogger here and a proud Jamaican who continually enlightens his readers about all that is good in his country. Sadly his Capital City Kingston is in a state of emergency thanks to the  friggin druglord Christopher “Dudus” Coke. So I just want to do a shout out to Corve, his family and friends and hope you stay safe.

Psst Check out Corve’s blog for daily updates about the unrest.


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Devastating Fires of Toodyay

I interrupt this transmission to send thoughts and prayers to the people of Toodyay. One of our regular loons has lost his home in the fires, which have swept the tiny country  town  in Western Australia. Currently 37 houses have been lost but it is thought the number could go higher.


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