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Hidden Danger At Playground

OK, firstly I had no idea it was a “thing” but evidently you can get zapped in playgrounds by static electricity. Who knew right? A playground in Perth has been closed due to “the high levels of static electricity it is currently giving off,”. Seems people with pacemakers or cochlear implants are most at risk . Hmm, and here I was thinking people who hate messy hair. The playground will be closed until further notice.

PSST This is why we are known as the State of Excitement!!!!



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Spontaneous Igniting Hand Gel

Don't know, something about hand gel!

Don't know, something about hand gel!

OMG, while the lads in British prisons are turning hand gel into alcohol, nurses in Sweden are turning theirs  into fireballs. Who knew hand gel could spontaneously ignite? Hmm, well investigations are underway into why a Swedish nurse’s hand suddenly caught fire while she was pushing a trolley in an elderly care home. One theories is, after having washed her hands with an alcohol based hand disinfectant, a spark caused by static electricity set her hand ablaze.Prior to the “blue flame of death” she had patted a dog and spoken to a patient wearing synthetic trousers. Nice detective work Sherlock! Hmm, starting to look like alcohol based hand gel is more dangerous than friggin swine flu.

Psst The nurse only receive minor injures to her hand because she was able to extinguish the flames out on her jeans waistcoat!


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