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Epic Statue Fail

Well this is awks. The recently erected (pun intended) statue in an Adelaide Catholic school has been temporarily covered up until the loaf has been sliced…just saying!!!

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What is worse than Donald Trump’s hair? Hmm, how’s about naked Donald Trump statues. Dear lord. A Cleveland artist is responsible for the life size Trump sculptures that have popped up in around New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle and Cleveland. Some things can’t be unseen.

Psst : The plaques on the statues read “The Emperor has no balls”.


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So Is This Pubic Art?

LaughWhat do you do when a 10ft statue in your town keeps having it’s appendage stolen ? Hmm, build a removable one, that’s what. Yep, the statue of Hercules in Parc Mauresque will now have a detachable penis. Problem solved. The penis will only be used during ceremonies and special occasions. Take that vandals!!!!

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Homeless Man Won’t Budge

Attention people of Hamilton, Ontario, please stop ringing the police and paramedics about the poor guy lying on a bench in the snow. It is the Homeless Jesus statue.




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Christ The Redeemer Loses A Finger

redeemerOh no, Christ the Redeemer, the massive statue on top of a mountain in Rio de Janeiro, is minus a finger after being struck by lightning. Yep, a finger on its right hand was blown off  when a bolt came from the heavens.


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Here’s Looking At You Kid

middle-fingerRevenge can be so sweet…or not. A guy from Detroit decided to take revenge on his ex by moving into a house next door to her (and her lover) and then erecting a 12-foot-tall bronze statue of  a middle finger. The finger is on the back porch and aimed in the direction of the ex’s house …oh  and has lights so it can be seen night or day.


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Come Down From There Right This Minute

This is the very reason you should stay off drugs people!!! A naked man spent three hours cavorting on the top of head  of the Duke of Cambridge statue in Central London… much to the delight of passerbys but not so much the police.  Must have been cold on his …. oh never mind!!!


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Bonking A Bronze

Oh for goodness sakes mister. An Austrian (no, not an Australian) man was caught having sex with a statue in Bulgaria. Seems the desperate dude was found with his pants around his ankles having his way with a bronze lion. That’s an obscenity charge right there.


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Saddam’s Butt Up For Sale

Remember the moment  the statue of Saddam Hussein was unceremoniously ripped from it’s plinth during the US led invasion of Iraq in 2003? Well an elite SAS regiment soldier, Nigel “Spud” Ely, was there and he retrieved a 2ft piece of Saddam’s butt using a hammer and crowbar. Now he’s auctioning as a “war relic art” in England and it could be yours. Might look good in the garden!

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Thought To Ponder

Hmm, why is it so many people have tried to figure out who was the inspiration behind Leonardo’s  Mona Lisa, yet no one seems to give a damn about this hag? I’m just saying.

Psst No Jammers, it’s not your ex!!!!


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