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Cruise Ships Are A Rocking

So I thought I might where my ...oh wait

Ever wondered why so many old people are going on cruises? Well, it seems sex is rife on the cruise liners. So much so that sexually transmitted disease amongst the senior cits is on the rise. Ewh. Now the UK government is issuing warnings to the blue rinse brigade to make sure they take condoms with them on their cruises. Evidently syphilis has increased by 52% in people over 65.


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Hey Doc, What Is That Rash?

Well it wasn't me!!!!

Oh my, if you are a senior cit you may want to sit down for this. Seems STDs amongst the oldies are on the rise in the US and  syphillis and chlamydia are the top rankers. In the past 5 years the increase of sexually transmitted diseases among those 55 and older increased by 43%. Oh and if you live in Florida make that 71%. Seems no one gave them the safe sex talk. The increase is being blamed on healthier lives  and Viagra. Hmm, obviously there is more than just bingo happening at retirement communities.

Want a cream for that?


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