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How To Steal A New Car

Hey, psst, here is a novel way to steal a new car. Go to a Nebraska dealership, take a pickup for a test drive, stop off and get a copy of the key made and then return it. Then, under the cover of darkness, go back to the dealership and steal the car. Friggin easy. Oh as long as the dealership owner doesn’t have your address and decide to check if you are the thief. Then that’s an epic fail and you’ll end up on Friggin Loon where we will poke fun at you, loser!


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Honey Where’s Our Car?

You are 7 years old and don’t want to go to church, what do you do? Steal your dad’s car of course. Bless, the seven year old was so determined not to attend the Sunday sermon he took off in his dad’s Dodge. The kid reportedly ran a few stop signs and swerved all over the road at 45mph (because his feet could hardly reach the accelerator) with the cops in hot pursuit. He eventually made it home and went running into his house to hide. Of course I have footage of the little devil in action…


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