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A Friggin Shoe Thieving Funeral Crasher

Come back with my high heels you bastard!!!!!

Now loons, I don’t want you getting any ideas but a South Korean guy who ran a second hand shoe business has been caught stealing expensive shoes from funeral homes. In Korea it is tradition to remove your shoes before going indoors so what better place to get decent shoes than from people paying their respects to the dead. The man, only known as Park, is alleged to have stolen some  1200 pairs of shoes. All he did was enter the mourning room pay his respects and then don on someone else’s shoes when he departed. Brilliant.  When police raided his home there they all were in shoe size order  ready for resale.


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Fox Trot!

Look at me kids, mommy is a human!

Look at me kids, mommy is a human!

Oh bless, who’s got a little shoe fetish then? Seems a fox in Germany has taken a liking to shoes. Dubbed Emelda Marcos, the vixen has been stealing footwear from the residents of Fohren for months. A forestry worker found over 120 of them near the fox’s lair. Evidently she has been using them to amuse her little cubs… which would probably explain the tiny little teeth marks in them!


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