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Why Don’t You Grow Your Own

Sheez, this lady should have her mouth washed out with the rhubarb instead of stealing it. WARNING – REALLY BAD LANGUAGE.


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It's mine

It’s mine

You know what I hate? When you decide to have a pleasant little picnic by the water in Florida and some dastardly alligator emerges and runs up and eats all your hamburgers. I really friggin hate that!!!

Want fries with that?


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Hey, Want To Buy A Slightly Used Rug?

A New York man has been nabbed stealing  rugs from ATM vestibules. Despite being accused of stealing 6 of the $400 floor coverings, police  suspect he’s stolen over 32 . Why, you may well ask? Hmm, seems he flogs them for 30 bucks apiece.  Money for jam.


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Enter Squirrels

Squirrels join easter egg huntWhat could possibly go wrong at an Easter egg hunt in Minneapolis? Hmm, how about a mob of candy lovin squirrels? Seems the furry little rodents decided to out run join the 100 snowflakes in looking for the eggs, sniffing out all the candy filled ones and ignoring the ones with toys . Hmm, sounds more like wombies dressed in squirrel’s clothing to me.


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Holy Spirits

A nun has been caught on CCTV stealing beer. Hmm, now that’s a bad habit.  Dear god, where did she put the beer, it must be cold?


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How Much Can A Woodchuck Chuck?

Oh my, officials, who were upset about thieves stealing US flags at a Civil War cemetery during the 4th of July, set up surveillance cameras in an attempt to spring the culprits. Damn you little woodchucks!!!!


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Lug Nutter On The Loose

Attention people in the Chicago area, be on the look out for someone stealing lug nuts off police squad cars. The lug nutter has so far removed the nuts from several cop car’s wheels while they have been parked on the police station car park. So far no wheels have fallen off.


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Hey, Who Stole My Boules Balls?

You know what I hate? When your boules balls keep disappearing and you  discover the culprit is a fox. I know what you’re thinking but boules balls are used in the game of petanque (similar to bocce) Stay focused loons, stay focused. Anywho, the French player, who  thought the local kids were nicking them at night from his private pitch ,  set up an infrared camera only to discover a local fox was running off with them.


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Where’s My chips?

Where's my Ruffles?

Egads, a prisoner at a Toronto jail killed another inmate by stomping on his head because he stole and ate half his bag of Ruffles potato chips . He then later told other inmates “Nobody punks me off for a bag of chips.”


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You Have The Right To Remain Silent Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny has been arrested in Ohio. Seems his sticky fingers have got him in hot water. You just can’t go around stealing $1,600 worth of DVDs, even of you are the Easter Bunny. Oh, but don’t worry little snowflakes, the police arrested him after his shift and he’s due in court the day before Easter, so your chocolate eggs should be good to go.


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