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Show And Hell

A five year old decided to take his stepfather’s jacket to kindergarten for show and tell so he could reveal to his class how his stepdaddy conseals his 10 plastic bags of heroin. Ta-da. It kinda went a bit pear shaped, when the teachers freaked out and stepdaddy appeared at school frantically looking for his stash. Now the little snowflake is in the company of the Department of Children and Families and stepdaddy is waiting for someone to bail him out of jail.


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Well If That’s The Case, Keep Him!

Picture this.Your 10 year old son visits his stepfather in Oregon. While there he gets picked up by police for not wearing a helmet while riding a bike. Next thing you know your son has been thrown into foster care because they don’t recognize his stepfather as a legal guardian. So for the next two years you fight the legal system to get your son back to Calgary. Finally he returns and a month later you discover the  Oregon government are now suing you for the cost of looking after your kid. Hell yes it includes child support and medical costs.


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Honey, Put Down The Controller

Spot the difference!

Oh dear, it never ends well when a three year old mistakes a handgun for a Wii control. Cheyenne Alexis McKeehan has died after shooting herself in the stomach with a .380 caliber semi automatic owned by her stepdad. Cheyenne’s mother was only a few feet away when the accident happened. It is believed the little girl, who had been playing with a Wii gun controller for days, thought the real gun was a controller too. Cheyenne’s stepfather Douglas Cronberger had grabbed the gun from a cabinet when he thought he heard a prowler outside his Tennessee property. After returning to the house he left the gun in the living room and went back to bed. A short time later Cheyenne found the weapon.


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Stepdad Sticks 50 Needles in Boy

You know you are going to hell when you stick over 50 sewing needles into a two year old’s body. Roberto Carlos Magalhaes, the stepfather, has admitted to performing black magic on the child by sticking metal needles into him as a way to get back at his wife of 6 months…oh and because his mistress told him to! Some of the needles which are 5cm (2″) long  are so close to vital organs surgeons will be unable to remove them. Strangely doctors found no outside wounds on the boy though they believe they were inserted one by one and had not been swallowed. The boy remains in a Brazilian hospital in a serious condition.


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