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Stench Identified

Goat manure blamed for Vermont stinkYou know what I hate? When a pile of goat poo spontaneously combusts and ponks up a town in Vermont. Welcome to Windsor …OMG,  what the hell is that?


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What is worse than tear gas? Seems Israeli “skunk” beats it hands down. Described as smelling like a chunk of rotting corpse from a stagnant sewer, Israeli soldiers have been spraying the foul liquid at Palestinian stone throwing protestors. Armored tanker trucks have cannons filled with the foul fluid ready to unleash on crowds.  One guy on the receiving end of skunk said nothing can remove the stench and for days people won’t come near him.


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Gives New Meaning to Little Shit

A 16 year old North Hunterdon High School student is in big doodah after he caused a stink in his mid term exams. The teen allegedly asked to use the bathroom and then shat in a coffee mug with a screw on cap and returned to the classroom then removed the lid. I’d give him a few extra marks for accuracy, do you know how hard it is to poop into a mug?

Want sauce with that?



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Say NO to BO

Arms up or down I still stink to high heavens!

Arms up or down I still stink to high heavens!

Oh it’s about time Nanny State, yes ban all visitors from raising their arms while riding the rollercoasters, brilliant! Thorpe Park in Chertsey, Surrey, wants rollercoaster riders to keep their arms down because of the foul stench of body odor emulating from the armpits of some. Hmm,  seems some people have been complaining to management about the ungodly stench of some theme parkers. Mike Vallis, a park director said “Our rides are really scary and people tend to sweat more than normal due to the fear and anticipation they experience while queueing up so it can get really pongy.” The ban will be put in place when the temperatures exceed 77F (25C) and people who don’t follow this rule will be asked to leave the park.

Psst If you can smell the person’s stench whilst on a rollercoaster it ain’t scary enough.


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