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It Was All A Big Misunderstanding

Oh dear, a middle aged Swedish couple were kicked off a bus and charged with sexual harrassment  after it was alleged they had committed sex acts in plain view of the passengers. Despite numerous complaints about their hanky panky, the couple , a muscican and real estate agent, claim  “We did not have sex. She stroked me on my tummy just inside my shirt,”

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Faking It For Real!

Since when has faking it been a crime?

To all the couples who plan to have fake sex on their patio to piss off the neighbors, it’s still considered a crime in Stockholm…sorry! A couple were fined $112 after they simulated sex on their patio to deliberately upset a family who complained about their rowdy parties. The court said fake or real it’s a friggin no-no if in full view of people.


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Size Does Matter

Bitch reduce it in photoshop, I swear!

A woman’s scorn people. I bet this Swedish guy rued the day he ditched his girlfriend for another woman. As revenge, the 18 year old posted pictures of the ex’s “little” penis all over lampposts in his neighborhood. Included with the image was the ex lover’s name and address and very brief description of his genitals. Oh,hang on I haven’t finished just yet. She also allegedly posted pictures of the new girlfriend around town, under the title “slut”.This was followed up by an egging of the ex’s car. All and all a successful day.


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Jilted Hubby Uses Scare Tactics

No one said anything about her phobia!!!

The advantage of being a jilted hubby is you know all your wife’s fears. So when a 59 year old Swedish man sort revenge for being dumped, he rolled up with 19 little mice in a paper bag and shoved them into her letter box. Hmm, well it worked, her friggin musophobia kicked in when she woke up to find her apartment riddled with the little rodents and she is now being cared for in hospital. In the mean time the ex has been arrested on alleged unlawful threats and animal welfare offences. Naughty Hubby 0, Rodent Fearing Wife 0, 19 mice 1 (they are being cared for currently by the Stockholm police).


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A Sad Ending To A Sad Ending

This wasn't how it was suppose to end!

Two sisters from Stockholm, Sweden are hoping to sue the group of drunk undertakers who accidentally dropped their father’s coffin on it’s side into the grave. And what I mean by dropped is, it landed with such a thud the two women ran crying and screaming from the cemetery fearing their father had fallen out of the casket. The two were in so much shock they aren’t even sure if the coffin was righted before it was covered or whether, if daddy had fallen out, he was put back in. Both sisters have been on sick leave ever since the incident.

Psst How did they manage to find a group of drunk undertakers?


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Look Who Will Get Left Holding The Baby



OK, I know some people have too much time on their hands but Ragnar Bengtsson, that’s ridiculous. The 26 year old Stockholm man has been stimulating his breasts with a pump in an attempt to produce milk from his own body. No, I couldn’t make this up! Hmm, yep he is pumping his manboobs at 3 hour intervals everyday in a bid to strike milk.Mr Bengtsson said “If it works and the milk turns out to have a high nutritional value, it could be a real breakthrough,” Breakthrough for what? That’s all men need, their wives nagging to feed the baby! Oh and of course a Swedish TV8 are milking documenting it for all it’s worth! Geez, I hope it doesn’t become the new Stockholm syndrome!

Psst Get a job!


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