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Don’t Play With Your Gun On The Loo

OK, here’s the thing Dustin Sippel, when sitting on the toilet playing with your gun  (real gun people, stay focused!) don’t fire it into to the floor, especially if there is an apartment below you . When the irate neighbor confronted Sippel, he told him he was drilling a hole in the floor but when police arrived he admitted he fired a bullet while  stoned and drunk . Sheez, that’s 9 year right there!

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That Will Be One Spit Mask Thank You

You friggin spit on a jury I’ll wrap your head in a plastic diaper fool! Ohio murderer, Neil Simpson, wasn’t impressing anyone when he sent a goober into the seated jurors, especially the judge. Fear not, Simpson returned to court with a plastic diaper around his face and mosquito netting around his head compliments of the judge. Seems Simpson wasn’t happy with his guilty verdict in the murder of David Kowalcyzk. During one of his rants he asked for the death sentence and requested that he  be crucified in front of the Lorain County Justice Center or  stoned to death by the victim’s family. Request denied. Spit happy Simpson got sentenced to life.

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