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Thanks Son

A guy is stranded in South Korea after his 4 year old son took to his passport with a black felt tip pen and doodled all over his face. Oh and he drew a few animals and stuff. Wanna see?

passport fail


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The Forgotten Ones

Saddest story you will hear all day. 75 year old Kunio Shiga has been living alone in his farmhouse 12 miles from the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan since the tsunami hit. Stranded in a unheated home without electricity he can only manage to walk a short distance. He has no idea what happened to his wife and he is surrounded by mud and rotting carcasses of dead pigs. His village is a ghost town.No one came to rescue him when the area was evacuated and has been living on scraps. When discovered by a reporter and two photographers from the  Associated Press on Friday he asked “Do you have any food? I will pay you.” A shocked news team gave him water and several health bars and promised to notify authorities of his location. He told them he was aware of the evacuation but he could barely walk and no one came to help him. There is no word yet on whether he has been rescued.

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