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UFO Worm Hole Cloud Over Mexico

OMG everybody panic…AGAIN! A UFO has left the building Earth. OK, there is 10 minutes of footage which means the UFO’s were taking there own sweet time. Cocky little shits doing it in broad daylight. The footage, which most would say is simply a cloud, has UFO believers excited. The footage was shot in Mexico and looks similar to the Russian cloud which we all panicked about last year.

Psst I’d pack your bags just in case this is the mother ship loons!


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What Happens If We Aren’t Alone?

Everybody panic! Remember that scary friggin cloud over Moscow a few weeks ago? Well another one has appeared in Romania. No seriously, I think the aliens are just messing with us now! And while everyone fears the worst and begin packing their doomsday bags, meteorologists say it’s simply a formation known as a “fallstreak hole”, which occurs when moisture in the air cools below 0C but is unable to turn into ice. Yeah right, who ya going to believe, a friggin meteorologist or a paranoid, alien fearing loon?

Psst Hello, Romania is friggin Dracula’s turf!!! Coincidence? I think not!


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Everybody Panic

Видео снятое 7 октября 2009г. на западе столицы. В небе над Москвой видно облако необычной формы. Видео было снято на МКАД при движении от Волоколамского к Новорижскому шоссе. Один из очевидцев пишет, что получил комментарии по поводу этого облака в Гидрометцентре. Там ему сообщили, что над Москвой зарождался смерч, но потом рассеялся. На облет “странного” облака вылетал вертолет.

Psst For those of you unfamiliar with Russian, this is some weirdo looking cloud hanging over the Moscow Ring Road. Phew, nowhere near me. Good luck with that!


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