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Buy It If You Dare

WTF was that?

Forget Amityville, forget Salem’s Lot, we have a new scary house on the block and it’s on the market. Yay! It sits on the ridge in the Hollywood Hills with the greatest view of the Hollywood sign and it’s either haunted or cursed (take your pick). So far the 1995 mansion has had two owners but no occupants, oh unless you call the squatters, gangs and crackheads who have frequently it while it’s been empty, occupants! But don’t you fear potential buyers, it now has a 24 hour guard and all the windows and doors are nailed shut. For a cool $15,200,000 , 2450 Solar Drive could be all yours including the rumored ghosts, aliens and crackheads. OK, no one really knows what the hell is wrong with the house, all they know is it’s friggin freaky.

Psst Click here if you are thinking of buying!

Want sauce with that?


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Dance Fail

Oh dear lord  look what happens when Susi Spice teachers Zumba ….


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Is It Me Or Is This Bizarrely Riveting?

WTF? Check out what I stumbled across on YouTube. I got up to about the 4th person before I could take no more. Cross eyed girl kinda freaked me out!


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No Way I’d Be Feeding My Dog That!

Don’t ask I haven’t a clue but it’s Japanese so you know you are going to say WTF?


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Assisted Suicide or Murder?

Believe it or not. Prosecutors in a Manhattan court case say their client Kenneth Minor did not murder Long Island motivational speaker Jeffrey Locker, but was simply holding the knife while he ran into it seven times. Oh yes, new information has come to light, including Mr Locker’s financial woes, the purchase of life insurance policies and “recent computer searches concerning funeral arrangements”. They claim Mr Locker paid a complete stranger to help him with an “assisted suicide” because he was in financial ruin. Strange thing is,they may just buy it, the case has been adjourned so everyone , including the judge can review and research the information further.


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God’s Hand Technology

All the single ladies, all the single ladies put your hands up! China has got a product for you. Introducing the “She’s Mine Bra”. This amazing little invention allows women to change the size of their breasts with just the push of a button. Oh yeah, just press and hidden hand shaped panels expand lifting your boobs to a whole other level. Keep pressing girls because they just keep on getting bigger and bigger. Boom! That’s a “God’s Hand” patent right there! The bra, which is made from space age fabric which contains minerals that generate ultraviolet light, improves blood circulation (in the women silly). Ah, I can sense some skeptics among us. Geez, just check out the video, it will tell you all you need to know (in Chinese!).

Psst And guys, whatever you do, don’t YOU buy her one.


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My, What Big Balls You Have My Dear?

Strange Japanese TV CommercialOK, when you start watching this TV commercial from Japan, you’ll probably be thinking to yourself, what’s up with the Loon.Cute ad, but nothing outrageously funny.Hmm, I had the very same reaction when I first started watching it and then boom …OMG WTF moment. Is that a raccoon with really big balls? Hang on rewind…is Little Red Riding Hood clutching her…hang on are they all clutching their breasts? What the hell is this advertising?


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