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We Are Pretty Bolshoi

Well, well, well, a strip club in New York is arguing in the high court that their pole and lap dancers are so good their moves  should be classified as “artistic performances” and thus be tax exempt. Seems somebody doesn’t want to pay their  $125,000 tax bill.  In argument a representative of the Nite Moves club said ‘It’s not the Bolshoi, but it’s good,” In response the state Tax Department argued “If the women kept their clothes on, no one would be coming to this bar for the dance performances,”.   Ouch!

Want sauce with that?


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There Will Be Nun Of That!

I found another one on the doorstep

Of all the strip joints in all the towns, in all the world you had to move next to the Missionary Sisters of Saint Charles Borromeo – Scalabrinians. The Illinois nuns at Stone Park are furious that the council have approved plans for a strip club
to be built right next door to them. The Chicago convent not only  houses those seeking to enter the order but also looks after sick and elderly nuns. The club, called “Get It”, will obvious test their faith as bed time will probably have to shift to the wee hours of the morning.


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Chip Off The Old Block

So tell me, what happened?

An Indiana man is suing a strip joint after a stripper’s shoe flew off and hit him in the face, chipping his  front teeth. Jake Quagliaroli now has veneers which will need replacing every 15 years or so. Hello, lifelong dental probs people! Sheez, lucky it was just her shoe, I hear those twirly thingamajigs can take an eye out!

Want sauce with that?


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Perks of the Job

I love my job!

I love my job!

If you are a stripper wearing only a parka and some damn inspector gives you a parking ticket, what are you going to do? Friggin flash him that’s what! Hmm, that’s just the latest in Remo Paolini’s tales of being a grey ghost on the streets of Adelaide. For 15 years Mr Paolini has heard every excuse in the book  but this latest surprise has left him a little bemused. The Adelaide parking dude was outside a strip club,writing a ticket (as you do) when out popped a woman wearing only a parka. She promptly  made up some excuse she was in the middle of a show and couldn’t renew her ticket but  when she saw the ticket had already been written she flashed her tits and other bits at him. Hmm, bonus, he didn’t even have to pay to see the show!


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