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Nursing Home Strippers

naked-manHuh?, What? Why? A Long Island nursing home is getting sued because the son of Bernice (85) discovered they had hired a stripper to entertain the ladies during a party in the rec room. The son hit the roof when he saw a photo of his mom putting some money down the male stripper’s undies.  The suit claims the striptease was done “for the perverse pleasure and enjoyment of the Defendant’s staff.” and that the Baptist living Bernice had been defiled.

Psst I’d be more pissed they were taking money off little old ladies.


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Pope Blesses Parrot

Who's a pretty boy

Who’s a pretty boy

Pope Francis just keeps getting cooler. During his general Wednesday audience at the Vatican, the popular Pope not only blessed a former male stripper turned porn star  but his parrot too. Pope Francis told the awe struck actor it was ‘a beautiful gift from God.’. Oh loons, he was talking about the parrot for goodness sakes!!!!


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