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Cat Survives Prickly Situation

A poor little kitty who found itself stuck atop of a giant saguaro cactus has finally ventured down after three days. OK, it’s probably licking its wounds after having to scale down the prickly 40ft plant but at least it no longer has to put up with people pointing and staring!



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How Embarrassing

And the winner of this weeks dumbass emergency call goes to the two teens in Sweden who got themselves stuck in a shopping cart. The girls had been joyriding around in the trolley in the middle of nowhere when they realised they were wedged and rang the cops. They sat squashed in the cart for about an hour before they were eventually located. Awkward!


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Man Totally Stumped

Oh my, a man from Orange county got himself stuck inside the hollow of a tree. Oh don’t ask me what the hell he was doing inside a tree but he got stuck and he had to scream like a banshee to get the attention of passerbys. Enter the firefighters who had to bring out their heavy equipment in order to free the fool man.


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Sticky Situation


OK loons this is why you never let your ass touch the seat in a public toilet. A man got stuck on a toilet seat in Walmart after someone spread glue on it. It is not known how long the Elkton man was stuck in the bathroom but emergency workers had to remove the seat from the toilet and escort him out of the store with it still firmly attached to his butt. It was later removed at Union hospital. Oh well, at least that’s something, it would be a bitch to put pants on over that forever!!!



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Wedged In Water Slide

Nothing more sadder than a 20 16 stone woman getting stuck halfway down a water slide. The incident happened at Splash Waterworld pool in Minehead, Somerset, after the woman and and a friend became wedged in their yellow inflatable boat. As the woman was being helped from the inflatable she slipped. About 100 people were evacuated from the ride during the 2 hour rescue mission. At one stage  they considered dismantling the water slide, however after they drained the water they were able to haul her out on a spinal board.


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Square Peg, Round Hole

OK, here’s the thing 238lb wannabe burglar, you ain’t never gonna get through a 2ft hole.Two brothers, Clive and Kelvin Webster, were caught in North Devon after one of them (plump one) got himself stuck in a hole in the wall as they attempted to rob a department store. To make matters worse the hole they made was only 6ft from the burglar alarm.


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Oh crap!

How many firemen does it take to get a thumb out of a bowling ball? Three it seems. When Cherie Beekman took a group of snowflakes to a Manchester Bowling alley she had no idea she would become center of attention. After she finished playing she went to return her bowling ball but couldn’t get her right thumb out of it. She was eventually driven to a nearby fire station where it took three firemen 2 and a half hours to chisel, chip, saw and hack the friggin thing off her thumb.


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Cow In A Storm Drain!

Guess what’s been roaming under the streets of Kaysville in Utah? A friggin cow that’s what. The silly bovine had managed to squeeze itself into the culvert and had been roaming the storm drain ever since. It was only after Holden Holt and his wife heard the cow mooing on their morning walk that a rescue plan was put into action. After several failed attempts, a rescue crew dug up part of the road and then hoisted the relieved cow out and into the land of the living.

Psst The clip is friggin hilarious!


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Oh Chute!

OK, here’s the thing 20 year old man, don’t let little children dare you to go down a laundry chute, it will only end in tears, humiliation and embarrassment. The Wisconsin man, who obviously doesn’t want to be named, was attempting the dare (feet first) when he became wedged in the chute. A family called 911 and firefighters were able to saw a hole in the chute to relieve pressure on his chest before dragging him out.

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I Hope It Was Grease Proof

You know what I hate? Being wedge between two massive 200kg rolls of paper, I really friggin hate that. A Melbourne man is lucky to be alive after becoming squished between two rolls of paper while working at the Campbellfield factory. It took 5 minutes to pull the man free after his leg and foot became trapped.


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