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Thanks Online News Networks

Nearly 150 students in Kenya were slaughtered overnight by a terrorist group and not one online newspaper in Australia has it as their leading story.  . Disgraceful!!!!  Australia’s leading online news site news.com.au ….. nice headlines




OK, a little hooray for PerthNow who actually reported the massacre on headlines page … as story FIVE.



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Colombia University Students Go Nutella Mad

Students at Colombia University eating $5000 of Nutella a weekPoor, poor, nut and sugar deprived students at Colombia University are eating their way through $5,000 worth of Nutella a week, so says the  executive director of dining services at the uni. Since the chocolate hazelnut spread was introduced into the cafeterias last month, students have been seen scoffing down entire jars in one sitting or stealing the jars for later scoffing. Hmm, I suspect they were all deprived of this delicacy as children. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a spike in gym membership soon.

Psst What ever you do don’t tell the Wombies.


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Guess What This is?

Give up?  Well it’s a stool tool chart. Cambridge University students Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg and James King have created a yogurt type drink that can turn your shit into all the pretty colors of a rainbow to discover how sick you are. Yep, they have genetically modified all the nasty bacterias into different colors so when you down the “E.Chromi” drink and then crap in the bowl, you can self diagnose. Splendid. So, here’s  rundown of the chart…
Yellow = Colitis
Green = Bowel Cancer
Red = Rotavirus
Mauve = Salmonella
Dark Blue = Stomach Ulcer
Light Blue = Worms
Brown = Good to go

This is a hypochondriacs dream!!! Oh and Mega, you might want to ignore this chart as you’ve been pooping rainbow turds for years!!!!

Want sauce with that?


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Damn You Cartman!

Oi, oi, oi, seems no one got the memo that “Kick A Jew Day” isn’t kosher at Vestal High School. Yep, apparently 37 students are facing suspension after they copied the South Park inspired prank “Kick a Ginger Day” and went on a Jew kicking romp.

Want sauce with that?


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It Brings Tears To Their Eyes

OK, here’s the thing little snowflakes, when you find a bottle at school make sure it really is perfume before you spray it. Several 8 year olds from Cambridgeport Elementary School were taken to hospital after pepper spraying each other with what they thought was perfume. That’s a fail right there.


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I’ll Have A Humpback Burger Thanks

OMG, a Japanese survey revealed that 6 state run schools have whale meat on their school menu and even worse, over 5,300 schools have served the majestic mammal to students at least once during the year. Hmm, I guess now we know what their “scientific” research purposes are, offloading the meat that restaurants won’t use to schools at one third of the price!

Psst Sheez, they must have friggin enormous bento boxes!


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And The Lesson Today

A teacher from a New Hampshire high school is being sued after a student in his shop class got zapped so badly he was left brain damaged.Kyle Dubois and a few other student were mucking around when Dubois and his mate attached an electrical clamp to his nipples. A third student then plugged in the cord. Oh dear. The teacher, Thomas kelley, is now being sued for not warning them of the dangers of electrical demonstration cords.


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Another Brick In the Wall… I Mean Head

OMG,WTF, OMG, a Adelaide primary school teacher has been whacked with a brick and had $400 stolen by two students. The incident happened while she was on yard duty at the Swallowcliffe Primary School at Davoren Park. The two 12 year olds threw a brick at the back of her head, grabbed her office keys while she was semi-conscious and stole money from her purse. The teacher was unable to identify the two students involved because she was basically on the ground counting stars.


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To Sir With Love

I just didn't get the last bit!

You know what I hate? When you record an educational video over your porn tape and then show it to your grade 6 health class, I really hate that! Oh, especially when you haven’t erased all the porn. Stefano Eudoxie-Wojedubokowski, a teacher (OK, now former teacher) from Beverley Acres Public School, grabbed one of his old videos and recorded a film about Swine Flu over the top of it. What he didn’t know was when the Swine Flu film finished it cut back to the adults only film. Awkward. Despite it taking a few seconds to race to the front of the class to turn it off, most of the 30 plus students had a short lesson in oral sex by two naked men. Mr Eudoxie-Wojedubokowski has since been transferred to another school. Students 1, Eudoxie-Wojedubokowski 0, Health education 0.


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