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Latest Masked Robber

Oh dear, the latest masked robbery is brought to you by a man in a gorilla mask. Yep, he robbed a taco stand wearing an ape mask and waving around stun gun. His accomplice  went in moments before and ordered a burrito before ape face demanded money. Hmm, kind of a lot of effort for just a taco stand really!


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One Way To Stop The Fighting

OK people one more time people, NO, you can’t use a stun gun to discipline your kids.Yeah, I know they were probably being naughty but NO! Andrea Wilson has been arrested for stun gunning his 9 year old daughter and 12 year old son while his wife Regina is wanted for taking part in child abuse.


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Naked Jogger Fail

but without clothes...

Jogging naked except for goggles…that’s a tasering. When the drunk Melbourne man failed to stop the cops brought out their stun guns and zapped his sorry naked ass! Stopped him!

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Not That Type of Fit, Ya Fool!

The worst taser story of the week  goes to the man who had an epileptic fit at a gym. When the unnamed guy went into a seizure, staff immediately rang paramedics who in turn  contacted police for back up, after he allegedly began biting and punching . Enter the Greater Manchester police who tasered him with a 500,000 volt stun gun. He spent two weeks in hospital recovering. Needless to say, the man has a solicitor!


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Taser of The Week

And the tasering of the week goes to the two Martinsville police who tasered a 10 year old snowflake. The boy who was at the Tender Teddies Day Care was said to be out of control so staff and an officer slapped  him first before tasering him. That would be a suspension while an investigation is under way.


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Michael Jackson’s Kids Involved In A Thriller

Gosh, Michael Jackson will be rolling around in his mausoleum after it was reported one of Jermaine’s kids, Jaafar, purchased a stun gun and was trying to zap Blanket with it. Run Blanket, run! As you can imagine TMZ is alive with the sound of WTF  and now the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services are saying WTF. Oh crap. Of course the Jackson family are watering down the whole affair saying that the stun gun was confiscated from the little snowflakes after security heard strange noises coming from inside the house. They are denying any of the children were tasered and say Blanket wasn’t the intended target. Nice one cousins.

Psst Had all gone to plan, Blanket would have received a nice little jolt, the stun gun in question, Scorpion 300,000 volt stun is the smallest most powerful single battery unit on the market.


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Cops Can Get Tasered Too!

You know what I hate? When you drive 2 times over the legal limit from McDonalds, go through a stop sign and then fall asleep in the middle of a intersection and then get tasered by your fellow police officers. I really hate that. Seth Castillo an off duty police officer was found slumped behind the wheel of his Jeep Cherokee after spending a night drinking. When fellow cops tried to wake the snoring Castillo he became hostile and aggressive so they really had no choice but to taser him. Hmm, that’s what 24 beers mixed with ritalin will do.


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Dance Sinner Zapped With Stun Gun

A sinner in Madison, Wisconsin got his come up-pence by a Baraboo man this week. The male dance instructor had allegedly been “defiling married women” by touching them during dance lessons which enraged the church goer. So angry was he , he rang the instructor for private lessons and took a stun gun and a sledgehammer with him . When the instructor opened the door he was repeatedly zapped in the neck. That will teach him!  The man told police he just wanted to scare him… oh and tell him to “leave the women alone.” as the church doesn’t condone touching while dancing. Geez, they might want to consider line- dancing instead…way safer.

Psst No word on what the sledge hammer was for! Couldn’t be good!


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At First You Don’t Succeed

I don’t know what the 47 year naked guy had taken but it took two stun gunnings before police were able to subdue him. The Fremont police were called to an apartment where the man was jumping around starkers, shouting obscenities and basically being a right twat. Eventually they  taser him after he charged them and began screaming something in Spanglish.


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Dumbass Burglar of The Week

Oh I’m sorry Shane Williams-Allen, you are this weeks dumbass burglar of the week. Shane, bless his soul, said he accidentally zapped himself with a stun while he was rummaging through a cop car he had just broken into. Hang on I haven’t finished yet….then a few days later he locked himself in handcuffs he had also stolen from the car. Shane didn’t have much choice but to ring the Clermont Police Department to see if they could help unlock the damn things. Sadly Shane now faces burglary and theft charges . Oh well, just be grateful you didn’t steal a gun.


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