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Dumbass Aliens Looking Like Fish

OMG, are you that stupid?

Apparently we are not alone. One ex NASA scientiest believes the reason we haven’t spied a single damn  alien is because they are living underwater on some planet out in deep space. Maybe even under a frozen ocean.
Their survival would be improved because they wouldn’t suffer all the nasty universe issues like exploding stars or space radiation.
He goes even further to suggest they are well protected under a big chunk of ice that makes it impossible for us to contact them. Yep, I’m hearing ya. Mobile phone coverage is a bitch!
The “fish like” aliens are evidently dumber than us because they can’t build fires. Oh well move on, nothing to see hear. Seriously, do we need any more dumbasses in the world?


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This Is What The Bear Would Have Looked Like

The silliest news story you will see all day. WJW Fox 8, a Cleveland news station, reported on a bear sighting by using a cardboard bear cutout to recreate the event. Priceless.


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Thank Goodness For Volvos and ABBA!

OK, here’s the thing three Swedish thieves using wheelchairs as their getaway vehicles, just remember when it snows the police can see your friggin tracks dumbasses. The two men and a woman  ransacked a basement in an apartment building but were soon caught after the cops simply followed their tracks in the snow.

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The Advantages Of Reading

Ah the misadventures of some poor dumbassed car thief. Daniel Boxall thought he was some kind of wonderful when he pickpocketed a woman’s car keys in Kent and took off with her £13,000 Audi A4 . After he and a mate had driven a few miles they realized the car was running low on gas and pulled into a petrol station. The dumbass failed to read the label on the fuel cap and proceeded to fill up the DIESEL car with UNLEADED. Got all of a few hundred meters he did,  before the Audi sputtered to a grinding halt. Boxall later flagged down a motorist and offered him $100 for the useless car. The motorist in turn rang police.


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Epic Cat Fail

OK, there are three fails in one in this little clip. Hmm, first the dumbassed cat … second, the dumbassed owner who thinks his dumbassed cat knows English and last but not least, the dumbassed owner grabs his groin when he thinks we are all watching his dumbassed cat!


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Dumbassed Burglar Fail

That’s gotta hurt…ooh ah and that, and that…oooh my and that….ouch. Oh give up already ya fool!

Psst I bet he wishes he was 24 hours from Tulsa!


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Hello, Is This The Bank?

No, no, no, you guys are doing it all wrong. Here’s the thing Albert Bailey you don’t ring up a bank prior to robbing it and ask to have the bag of money ready. By the time the two clowns, Albert and a 16 year old, arrived at the bank the police were waiting for them. Sgt. James Perez of the Connecticut police said the suspects were “not too bright.” Ya think!


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Just Send a Friggin Card!

Oh for crying out loud, as if!


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Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Bank robbers leave car keys behindAnd you thought there wasn’t going to be a dumbass robbery story this week…shame on you. OK, here’s the thing people, if you are working as a team to rob a bank make sure one is in charge of the car keys. Four dumbasses left the keys to one of their getaway cars in the bank after duct taping staff and taking money from the tills and vault. When they tried to get back in to retrieve the keys they discovered the doors were locked fast. The four were later caught in their Ford Escort. Shame they can’t add stupidity to their  six robbery counts, eight kidnapping offenses, aggravated menacing, weapons offenses, conspiracy and wearing a disguise during the commission of a felony, charges.


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