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Another Dick In The Hall

naked-manUgh, a 72 year old substitute teacher got sprung (allegedly) spanking the monkey in the school hallway.That is an arresting right there. The teacher was caught by another teacher who saw him on the ground and thought he was hurt . Unfortunately, she realised a little too late that he wasn’t, he simply had his hand down his pants. Well, that can’t be unseen! CCTV footage revealed he’d been perving on students prior to his little indiscretion.


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Never Diss A Hoarder Relative

Bad news… you are a substitute teacher who inherits all of your reclusive hoader cousin’s possessions.  Good news… after a cleaning crew sifts through his piles and piles of junk they discover over $7 million in gold coins.


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Substitute Teacher Arrested For Drinking In Class


Oh dear, this weeks drunk teacher comes to you compliments of the Jacobs Road Elementary School in Chesterfield County. The substitute teacher, Sabrina Pado, was dobbed in by her third grade students after their classroom (and teacher) reeked like a brewery.  The stench of beer was so bad one of the students became ill and had to see the nurse. When police were called they found not only a pretty intoxicated teacher but beer hidden in her water bottle. Needless to say she was carted off to jail.


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