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What Do You Mean We Are No Longer Married?

Bride 3A British woman tried suing her lawyers because , wait for it, they didn’t make it clear that a divorce would result in her marriage being terminated.Evidently Roman Catholics can be rather touchy about the whole total termination thing. Anywho, case dismissed.


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Lubricant Disfigures Penis

No honey, it isn't suppose to be that big

No honey, it isn’t suppose to be that big

Oh dear, a Philadelphia man is suing The Kama Sutra Co. and Kamsut Inc. for allegedly making his penis burn and swell after he applied their lubricating and desensitizing gel, resulting in permanent disfigurement and loss of sensation. Ouch. 


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Snacks Cost More Than the Movie

Deep down we all wish could take Cinemas to court for charging ridiculously absurd prices for their snacks. Well, some dude in the US did but instead of winning his lawsuit he was told by a judge to buy a subscription to Netflix and stop wasting my time.


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Do You Really Want To See Bin Laden in His Undies?

Just what the world needs, Osama Bin Laden death photos. Judicial Watch have sued for release of the terrorist’s death snaps under the Freedom of Information Law and it seems they might just have a case. Hmm,what could possibly go wrong?


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Oh for the love of B grade movies, a relative unknown actress is suing the Amazon’s Internet Movie Database (IMDb) website because….wait for it….they revealed her age. Dear god, NO! Yep, Junie Hoang, who is 40, claims the only way the website could have found out her real age is by obtaining it from her credit card details. She is suing for a million dollars in damages because she believes she has lost out on job opportunities due to “Hollywood’s” stigma against older actresses. Hmm, shouldn’t you be suing HOLLYWOOD, love? Originally she filed the suit anonymously in fear of being blacklisted but a judge ruled she she must use her real name or the case would be dismissed. One of her supporters is the Screen Actors Guild who say “Thousands of actors have had their careers harmed by the unauthorized publication of their birth dates by IMDb against their wishes,”

PSST  Seriously, if by 40 you haven’t made it in the industry I don’t think it is due to any website. And anywho, why didn’t she just contact them and asked for the info to be removed? Now the whole world knows she the big  4 oh!


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Kidnapper Sues Hostages

Heed this warning, people who get taken as hostages, never, ever make a verbal deal with a murder suspect  even if he offers you lots and lots of money. In 2009 Jared and Lindsay Rowley were lalala-ing in their Kansas home when Jesse Dennis Dimmick burst in  with a knife and begged them to hide him for an unspecific amount of money. Not having much choice they agreed,but the second Dimmick dozed off, they bolted. Fast forward 3 years and the Rowley’s are being sued by Dimmick for $235,000 because they broke their verbal agreement to hide him. Seems he got shot by the SWAT team after the Rowley’s fled and he wants them to foot the medical bills. The Rowleys meanwhile want $75,000 for the emotional stress caused by the fool.

Psst I think this is a case for Judge Judy!!!

2nd Psst Thanks to Susi Spice for the heads up.

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Parents Can Sue Children for Support

OMG, Shirley Anderson (73) has found a nice little loophole in the British Colombian legal system and is now suing her three children for parental support including a son she abandoned at 15. Ms Anderson hasn’t seen any of her children for decades but now wants $750 a month from each of them. Evidently thanks to the Family Relations Act a parent can force adult children to support them if they become dependent on their kids due to age, sickness or economic hardship.

Want sauce with that?


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You Can Make The Short Blacks and Expressos!

Oh boy, the US government is suing Starbucks Coffee company for firing a dwarf. Yep, seems an El Paso store violated the federal law by refusing to supply the short barista with a stool or step ladder so she could reach the coffee machines. The employee, who had been training for three days, had asked for a stool so she could do her job but her request was denied and instead she was fired. Starbucks claim the reason for her dismissal was because she could be a danger to customers and workers. Sheez, give me a break,  haven’t they seen the Roloff’s in action?


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Someone Is Spreading Herpes!

Yep, that's herpes alright!

Ewh, some A list celebrity is hiding a dirty little secret. Seems he is being sued for spreading herpes.The well known person who has not been named  is worth in excess of $100million. In the lawsuit it is claimed the victim was told by the celeb he had “no venereal diseases” but after a bit of hanky panky and unprotected sex in Las Vegas, viola, herpes!  The victim  now wants $20 million for their troubles.


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No Mother’s Day Card For You

Honey, sweetie, darl, how old are you, ten? A 25 year old Spanish man tried to sue his parents after they stopped giving him pocket money. Seems the parents had been giving their lazy ass son $587 as a monthly allowance until they could no longer afford to support him. Pissed off,  the son took them to court hoping they would be forced  to continue payments . Hmm, the judge’s response? He told the man to stop freeloading and go get a friggin job. He also has been given 30 days to leave his parent’s house. An injustice I say!


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