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Frog Fear Proves Quite Rewarding

Man wins $1.6 million payout over fear of frogsA Buffalo man, who has a big old fear of frogs, has won a $1.6 million payout after a developer drained so much water onto his property (approved by the town council) it turned into a friggin wetland and a haven for the slimy creatures. The man, who has had a fear of frogs since he was a snowflake, became a prisoner on his own property after the amphibians began partying on his porch.

Psst Hmm, OK, so if I have a fear of clowns can I sue the town council too?

Want sauce with that?


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She Should be Grateful It Didn’t Get Stuck In Her Hair!

Oh dear, a Canadian woman is suing the makers of Stride chewing gum because….wait for it… she suffered depression for approximately 10 minutes after the gum she was chewing stuck to her dentures. It didn’t help that the process of having to dig the small bits of gum from her fake teeth was friggin “disgusting”!! Anywho, Elsie Pawlow  is angry and she’s suing for $100,000.


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What Justice?

OMG, you are better off to be a criminal in Australia, not only are the sentences pathetic but you can also spend your time in prison suing the state for negligence and receiving a shit load of compo. Alan Brown, who has never had a driver’s license,  has had more than 100 convictions for drink driving, has killed two people in separate accidents and is currently serving 14 years for the death of his latest victim, Margaret Loveday. In 2007 a Loddon Prison garden shed roller door accidentally closed on him so he sued the State of Victoria for negligence and won, claiming he not only suffered a painful injury but also suffered psychological damaged to boot. Guess how much he was awarded? $120,000. Hmm, I wonder how much the victims of his crimes received?


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There Goes Lunch

Tang Meirong is so pissed that no one will admit to owning the friggin cat that fell on her head, she is suing all 200 residents of an apartment building. How’s them apples? Meirong had been minding her own beeswax as she strolled along the footpath near some flats in China when Kaboom, a falling cat knocked her out. Despite police quizzing the flat owners no one is taking responsibility for the accident or the cat (which died on impact).

Psst How friggin unlucky would you be getting hit by a falling cat. I hope it’s claws were retracted!!


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Crushed Nuts

Happy place! Happy place!

Well, blow me down with a feather. Stephen Lewis, who had his testicles squeezed by a prison guard while in a New York prison, has been awarded $300,000. Originally the former inmate was suing for $5 million after a guard pushed him against a wall and crunched his privates but he was quite happy with judge’s decision.


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