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Shrien Dewani Allergic To Sleeping Pills

Remember Honeymoon murder suspect Shrien Dewani? Come on, the guy who claimed he and his bride, Anni Dewani, were carjacked on their honeymoon in South Africa and he escaped but she ended up dead. Yeah him. Well anywho, guess who’s been rushed to hospital from an apparent suicide attempt allergic reaction to sleeping pills. Mr Dewani is scared shitless of the extradition hearing which will see him ordered back to South Africa to face trial.


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Not Your Time

Well I’ll be. A woman in Buenos Aires had had enough with life so jumped off a 23rd floor hotel balcony (some 328ft) . Fortunately a taxi roof broke her fall (and her hips and ribs) but she is going to be OK, not happy, but OK. Doctors say the fact she landed in the seated position saved her life. Hmm, that will be one bruised bum. Meanwhile the taxi driver must be thanking his lucky stars he saw a policeman looking up, prompting him to get out of the car, or he would have been squashed.


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Get Well Jennifer Capriati

A big shout out to Jennifer Capriati, hope you feel better. According to TMZ the former number 1 tennis champ  was rushed to hospital after an apparent suicide attempt.  Capriati became a professional tennis player at the early age of 13 and despite injuries and various comebacks hasn’t played since 2004.  In 2007 she admitted to suffering from depression and struggling to come to terms with who she is without a tennis racket in her hand.

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Friggin Suicide Jumpers

The price you have to pay for landing on a 7 year old girl in a failed suicide attempt is 100,000 roubles it seems. A Russian court has ordered a man, who jumped from a 9th storey window and landed on the little girl, to pay for her medical bills. She was in hospital for months after she had the misfortune of standing on the street below when he leaped.


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