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Butt Bombs

Now, bend over...

Now, bend over…

You know what I hate? When suicide bombers start hiding explosives up their butts. I really friggin hate that.  Some Pakistani dude, who had a beef with Afghanistan’s spy chief Asadullah Khalid,  managed to infiltrate his safe house and pass a strip search before setting off his bottom bomb. Luckily for Mr Khalid,the explosives only managed to send the attacker to kingdom come. Hmm, the dude should’ve paid more attention in his physics classes, having something shoved in your orifice reduces the affect of the shrapnel.


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Geez, What Big Tits You Have My Dear

All points bulletin out for the exploding tit brigade. MI5 say they fear Muslim doctors trained in Britain may be implanting explosives into Muslim women suicide bombers breasts. Golly gee, they even know the name of the explosives PETN (pentaerythritol Tetrabitrate). Oh and don’t you fear they are being sexist, if you happen to be a male volunteer you can get yourself a butt bomb. Geez, sitting down must be awkward let alone farting. Kaboom!


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Suicide Bomber Hid Explosives in His Butt!

Sorry, I am having trouble getting it to ignite!

Well, this is awkward!

The things you have to do to be a suicide bomber these days. Sheez! Seems the latest trick in the suicide bomber’s arsenal (pun intended) is to hide explosives in their bottoms. Abdullah Hassan Tali al-Asiri was hoping to blow Prince Mohammed Bin Nayef to kingdom come by sneaking past security checks with explosives hidden in his rear end but all he managed to do was spontaneously combust after his body suppressed the force of the blast. Prince Nayef , who is the head of the security service in Saudi Arabia, escaped with only an injured hand when the terrorist managed to get as far as his office before setting off the explosives. Kaboom!


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