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Worst Fear Realised

Yellow-RibbonSeriously, it is bad enough flying without having a friggin suicidal pilot. News broke last night that the co-pilot of the ill fated GermanWings plane locked himself in the cockpit and then flew the 150 passengers and crew into the mountainside at about 350 m/h killing all on board. No words on this one, just simply horrific.


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Hair Raising

hairA woman saved her friend from a death plunge by grabbing her hair as she leapt from a bridge. The poor lass was left dangling above a busy road as her mate hung on tight to her locks. Fortunately a passer-by saw the drama unfold and rushed to help pull the woman back over the railing.


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Rest In Peace Robin Williams

yellow-ribbonThe saddest of days . Robin Williams has passed away. The actor and comedian who spent his life making the  world laugh has left us in tears. Williams ,who had been suffering from severe depression, is believed to have taken his own life, he was ony 63.


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RIP L’Wren Scott

Model, fashion designer and Mick Jagger’s partner of 13 years L’Wren Scott was found dead last night of an apparent suicide. Sadly, Mick Jagger is right here in Perth, with the rest of the band, getting ready for a concert tomorrow night. Not a situation anyone would want to be in. Rest in peace L’Wren.


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Dead Man Walking Right Back To Jail

monkey 4Dude, faking your own death to avoid prison only works if you don’t get caught faking a prescription. Man, you were so friggin close to starting a new life in Australia, having obtaining a birth certificate from a dead child and holding out in Canada but you just had to stuff up. Travis Scott was going to the slammer for defrauding an insurance company for $11.5 million but before sentencing he faked his suicide by grinding up some of his teeth, removing pints of his own blood and pulling out clumps of his hair. He then gathered his bits , put them in a cap and then blasted them with a shotgun before leaving the cap in a canoe on a lake. The police were skeptical especially as the suicide note said he had weighed himself down in case he didn’t die from the blast. Dumbass. All his efforts has resulted in 12 years of wearing orange.

Psst Minnesota


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Officials Question Castro’s Suicide

Just when you thought Ariel Castro took the easy way out by killing himself , it turns out he may have been attempting some kinky sex act in his jail cell. Could this case get anymore bizarre? Originally it was assumed Castro, who got like a billion years behind bars for  kidnapping three girls and using them as sex slaves, had hanged himself with a sheet but now it’s looking more like  an auto-erotic asphyxiation fail. Well that might explain why his pants and undies were at his ankles . Hello, he did say he was a sex addict.


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Unlucky For Him

burglar stumbles on dead bodyWhen neighbors heard screaming coming from a house in New Zealand, they thought it was a domestic. Hmm, but they were wrong. The sound was coming from a burglar who had just stumbled across a dead body hanging in the house. The traumatized thief rang police who verified the owner of the house had committed suicide.


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