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Greek Politics

Remember last week that Greek politician, Ilias Kasidiaris, who punched a female politician on live TV ? Yeah him. Well guess what? He’s friggin suing her for provocation and the TV station for “illegally” restraining him after the show.


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How Much Did you Say?

OK, here’s the thing lady, if you are going to sue the city of Columbus for impounding your car following a traffic accident, don’t be asking for $500 billion dollars in damages or you’ll be catching the bus for an awfully long time. Just saying.

Psst The car was a 2002 Saturn SC2.

Could this be Ohio Bearman?

Confirmation ….. Friggin Ohio, home of Bearman.


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Is This The Real Thing?

We're rich!!!

Imagine this loons, you buy a box of knick knacks for $5. Included in your box of crap is a very old unsigned Palmer Union Oil Co stock certificate. No biggie except for the fact that Palmer Union Oil Company’s successor is none  other than Coca Cola. So anywho, Tony Marohn signs his name on it and then contacts Coca Cola requesting either 1.8 million worth of shares in the company, or a $130 million stake. Coke were understandably WTFing and refused to acknowledge the share. Sadly Mr Marohn died in 2008 but his family are continuing the fight, saying that they are entitled to the shares as Marohn’s signature is on the certificate.


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I’m A Prostitute Thanks To McDonalds

Holy frivolous lawsuit Batman. A woman in the US is suing McDonald’s because she claims their crappy wages and pathetic worker support forced her into a life of prostitution. Oh and by the way she is also suing her ex hubby who was the owner of the store in which she worked and who later sacked her. Hmm, so in her suit she claims she was wrongfully sacked and that the action forced her to seek employment in a brothel. Oh wait there’s more, she also claims McDonald’s crappy overall management allowed hubby to operate a prostitution service from his franchise. The best bit is she married her hubby AFTER she started working as a prostitute. Come on, come on, please let Judge Judy get the case….pleeeeaaaassssse!!!!

Want sauce with that?


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Someone Has Double Dipped!!!

A New York man is suing manufacturer Sabra and distributor Fairway market after he allegedly found an animal toe (with nail still attached) in his  artichoke spinach dip. Ewh. No word on what animal the toe belonged to but now Andrew Brodsky claims he can no longer eat or watch other people eat packaged foods.

Psst Lucky it wasn’t jam!!! Get it? Toe jam …ah never mind!


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She Could Pay Off America’s Debt

How much do you think Fausat Ogunbayo is suing New York City and its Administration for Children’s Services (ACS)  after they removed her two children and placed them in foster homes three years ago because she was mentally unstable?  That would be $900 Trillion. Wow, that would make her richer than Oprah!!! Oh and hell yes, she’s defending herself!

Want sauce with that?


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Jumbo Jumpsuit Dilemma

A New York jail is being sued for a million bucks by a man who was forced to wear the same set of clothes in jail for 8 months. OK, Elias Diaz weighed 400lbs (181kgs) and there just wasn’t no jumbo jumpsuit big enough to fit his girth but he claims there was a friggin tailor on staff. To add insult to injury, Diaz had to wash his clothes in the shower. Why? Surely they had a laundry? Anywho, he’s making a bigger stink now!


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Oh for the love of B grade movies, a relative unknown actress is suing the Amazon’s Internet Movie Database (IMDb) website because….wait for it….they revealed her age. Dear god, NO! Yep, Junie Hoang, who is 40, claims the only way the website could have found out her real age is by obtaining it from her credit card details. She is suing for a million dollars in damages because she believes she has lost out on job opportunities due to “Hollywood’s” stigma against older actresses. Hmm, shouldn’t you be suing HOLLYWOOD, love? Originally she filed the suit anonymously in fear of being blacklisted but a judge ruled she she must use her real name or the case would be dismissed. One of her supporters is the Screen Actors Guild who say “Thousands of actors have had their careers harmed by the unauthorized publication of their birth dates by IMDb against their wishes,”

PSST  Seriously, if by 40 you haven’t made it in the industry I don’t think it is due to any website. And anywho, why didn’t she just contact them and asked for the info to be removed? Now the whole world knows she the big  4 oh!


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Rapper Floored

A wannabe Aussie rapper who in 2006 fell through his lounge room floor, down to the ground below,  has failed in his bid to sue the Department of Housing for discrimination. Wayne Douglas, who weighed 250kg (550lbs) at the time, claims that the property was unable to support his weight thanks to termite damage (and his weight) resulting in the mishap. The court argued he was free  to refuse the property. His case was dismissed.

Psst Mr Douglas still lives in the house by the way…..”I am still in the house, it is still shit.”

Want sauce with that?


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Stink Ink

My, that is large!

Oh my, a warning to anyone who allows “artist discretion” when getting a tattoo. Make sure he doesn’t tattoo a big pile of steaming dog poo on your back with flies buzzing around it. I’m just saying! Poor Rossie Brovent from Ohio asked her then tattoo artist boyfriend to tattoo a scene from the Narnia trilogy on her back, unaware that he had discovered she had cheated on him with his best friend. Hmm, now she has a big pile of excrement for her troubles. She is now suing him.

Psst Wasn’t that a scene from Narnia? Hmm, maybe not!


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