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She Should be Grateful It Didn’t Get Stuck In Her Hair!

Oh dear, a Canadian woman is suing the makers of Stride chewing gum because….wait for it… she suffered depression for approximately 10 minutes after the gum she was chewing stuck to her dentures. It didn’t help that the process of having to dig the small bits of gum from her fake teeth was friggin “disgusting”!! Anywho, Elsie Pawlow  is angry and she’s suing for $100,000.


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Parents Can Sue Children for Support

OMG, Shirley Anderson (73) has found a nice little loophole in the British Colombian legal system and is now suing her three children for parental support including a son she abandoned at 15. Ms Anderson hasn’t seen any of her children for decades but now wants $750 a month from each of them. Evidently thanks to the Family Relations Act a parent can force adult children to support them if they become dependent on their kids due to age, sickness or economic hardship.

Want sauce with that?


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Lawsuit Over Budgie Smugglers

Out to dry!

I’m guessing a 60 year old lifesaver in speedos ain’t eye candy no more! Roy Lester is suing state Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation after he lost his job as a New York lifeguard because he refused to don on a pair of budgie smugglers for the annual swim test. Hello, the dude had been in the job for 40 years.Hello, the dude was in his late 50’s!!!!! Hello , we are talking tight, teeny, weeny SPEEDOs here!!! Anywho, the lawsuit was dismissed in 2009 but for the grace of god it has been reinstated by the appeals court last week.Damn straight there should be a law against old men wearing them. Hand me the petition, where do I sign!!!


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Business is Bussiness

You are an Australian government employee on a work trip when you decide to have a little hanky panky with a guy in your hotel room. During sex a glass light  fitting friggin falls from the ceiling straight onto your face causing  not only psychological injuries but physical injuries to your nose, mouth and teeth. What do you do? Sue the government’s workplace safety body, ComCare, for compo that’s what! Her lawyer are arguing that her injuries were sustained during a work trip and therefore qualifies for compensation.

Psst Why not sue the friggin hotel?


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When Jill McGlone got the flick from her job as an office assistant for the Norfolk Community Services Board because she allegedly revealed ” confidential medical information.” 12 years ago, you would have thought that would have been the end of it. No sirree, seems due to a clerical error Ms McGlone continued to get paid $26,000 per year for over 12 years until someone discovered the mistake and discontinued payments. Now she’s filing for wrongful termination and unemployment benefits!  Damn straight, how dare they stop her money for doing jack shit, that’s a violation of civil rights or at the very least wrongful termination. Seems Ms McGlone is really pissed that her gravytrain has derailed because she sent this to the manager of Norfolk “The denial of my unemployment benefits, the wrongful termination of my employment, and the refusal to allow me to draw down the money in my retirement are issues needed for discussion.”.  Good luck with that sweetie!

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Not Tonight Honey I Have a Headache

Maybe I should wear make-up?

Let this be a warning to you boys, an Emirati  man is being sued by his wife for $11 million for failing to have sex with her and thus causing her mental anguish. Did you hear me? $11 million! Seems hubby failed to put out for the first four months of marriage to hide his erectile dysfunction issue (poor love). Hmm, now the miffed wife wants payment for her troubles and his failure to meet her needs. Sheez, good luck with that lady, considering how Arab men just love outspoken women.


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Might Be Shooting Blanks!

Well Amigos the Mexican government is looking into suing the ass off US gun manufacturers because they are sick and tired of the flood of weapons crossing the border.Hmm, that’s ironic, considering the amount of drugs going the other way. Evidently they have hired a law firm to look into the possibility of a civil suit and will be collecting serial numbers of gun seized to try and trace them back to US distributors and manufacturers. Good luck with that!

Want sauce with that?


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Lime Wire Fail

Guess how much record companies want in damages against Lime Wire? If you thought a few million, think again. The greedy buggers want $75 trillion. Yep, 5 times America’s national debt. Sheez, copyright infringement is a bitch! Lime Wire is getting it’s sorry ass sued because it allowed thousands of users to download songs for free.

Psst I wonder how much of that the artists get?

Want sauce with that?


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Hand Warmer Becomes A Heater!

OK, here’s the thing, if your hand warmer ignites in your back pocket and burns your butt and legs, that’s a suing. Lauren Self claims her Little Hotties Hand Warmers caught fire after she put her hand into her back pocket, igniting her clothes. Ms Self was hospitalized for a week.

Want sauce with that?


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Cold Comfort

We interrupt this broadcast to make an important announcement….breast milk ice cream is OK to eat lick. Yes, the London Ice cream parlor has been given the thumbs up to go back to selling their $22 a scoop Baby Gaga breast milk ice cream.  Seems health and safety are happy with the milk screening. Now all the ice cream parlor has to worry about is Lady Gaga suing their asses off!


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