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And Who Wears The Nappy?

Of all the dumbassed competitions in the world this would have to be one of them. It’s the 20th Naki Sumo “make a baby cry” contest. Yes, the first junior sumo wrestler to make a baby cry it’s little heart out wins.

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Multi Tasking Sumo

If you really suck at being a Sumo you could always use your skills for evil. I will ignore the obvious question of WTF was a sumo doing in Moscow, but evidently the big guy ripped a cash machine out of a store and walked off with it on his shoulders. The 90kg cash machine contained 25,000 roubles which is about 12 cents….kidding $926. Being big and fat has it’s disadvantages, like being friggin slow …  the Sumo and his mate got caught trying to get their fat asses into the BMW getaway car.


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See Ya La Pooch

Even the dog hates him

Even the dog hates him

Sumo, the Maltese lapdog owned by former French President Jacques Chirac, has been given it’s marching orders. Yes, la pooch is gone dot com. The ex pressie was forced to get rid of the dog after it began suffering from depression and continuously biting Chirac’s arse. The problem started when the family moved out of the Elysee Palace after the President was forced decided not to run for a third term. Despite putting the pampered pooch on antidepressants, it never got over leaving it’s home for a down grade and having it’s owner around 24/7. Now Sumo frolics on a farm on the outskirts of town happy it doesn’t have to put up with any more of Jacques shit.


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