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Sun Eating Anyone?

Did you know the word gullible isn’t in the Oxford English dictionary? Seems a group of Chinese women sun eaters didn’t either. Introducing the new fad in Hong Kong …. sun eating… where women stare into the sun to lose weight. Just as the sun sets they gather to glare at the it, in the belief they will lose their appetite, improve their vision and get better sleep. Short of nuking their retinas the women believe they will eventually have no desire to eat food ever again. Good luck with that.


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Earth is Solar Flare Proof!!!

Lying bastards!!!!

If by some odd chance the Mayans are right about the end of the world in 2012, be rest assured it won’t be because of a massive solar flare. Well, so says NASA. They are convinced the Earth won’t be burned to a crisp  because the sun isn’t powerful enough to send a mega fireball 93 million miles. Hmm, so it’s back to the drawing board you friggin doomsayers!!!


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Missed Us By This Much!

Not wanting to alarm you loons but WTF, we’ve just had a “coral mass ejection” (CME), the largest in recorded history. OK, to the laymen it means a big friggin solar flare excreted a big dollop of plasma into space. Thank goodness nobody can hear you scream out there! This little space spectacular just missed Earth but we are being warned there are more to come. The solar storms could blow us all off the Internet. Lord have mercy! Hold onto your alfoil hats loons, it could be a bumpy ride blog.
Yes, of course we have video. Gosh!

Psst Blame this latest  little fear campaign on Megagetoverit, he’s been reading too much science stuff or smoking it.


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We’re Going To Be Charged To Use The Sun

You're owned!

Heavens to mergatroid, some lady in Spain has claimed ownership of the sun. Yes, our sun, the one we revolve around. Angeles Duran registered the star at a local notary public and now she’s the official owner. Hmm, and as owner she plans to slap a fee on everyone who uses the sun and give half the proceeds to the Spanish government , 20% to the nation’s pension fund, 10% to research, 10% to ending world hunger and the last 10% she’s keeping for herself. Good luck with that lady!

Psst Hmm, what’s the bet skin cancer victims will start suing her?


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