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I Can See Clearly Now

Sunglasses…..and you?

An Aussie guy who stole a pair of $400 sunnies at a Duty Free store in Bali has been sentenced to 3 months jail. Ironic, considering you could probably buy a fake pair for $1 out on the street. Anywho, he will be out in a few days as he has already spent the time behind bars.


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Want Ironic?

A Chinese company is currently marketing their new brand of sunglasses, the Hellen Kellers. Oh and their motto “You see the world, the world sees you.”


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I Wear My Sunglasses At Night

Cooler than me Ray Bans

Hey loons, did you all love the Chilean miners sunglasses? Well, they are Oakley sunnies.In what is being called the biggest product placement coup of the century, Oakley donated the 35 pairs of glasses. With virtually the entire world watching the company received the equivalent of $41 million free advertising. Hello, no one could avoid noticing those stylish shades. Oh and before you go all anti Oakley, it was a Chilean journo who recommended the brand to the Chilean private health insurer. The donated shades provide 100 percent ultraviolet light protection and cost around $180 a pair.


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