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Human Cruelty

Heavens to Murgatroyd, when a woman accidentally glued her eyes shut after mistaking her eye drops for super glue her doctor refused to attempt to open them because…wait for it…she didn’t have a job, insurance or money. The best he could do was give her ointment and send her on her way. So for days she sat with her eyes glued shut until media got wind of it and another doctor pried them open. First world problems.

PSST Florida


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Pardon, Speak Up

ambulance 2What is worse than mistaking a tube of super glue for your lip cream? Attempting to ring police with your lips stuck firmly together. The 64 year old  woman could only manage to grunt and mumble down the phone but don’t fret Loons, the police followed up on the call and took the very embarrassed woman to hospital.

Psst New Zealand


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It Was Never Going To End Well

No Michael Johnson, no, you never ever use super glue as a practical joke. Johnson (19) and his mates were on a camping trip when he decided to pour a tube of super glue onto one of his friends cheeks while he was sleeping. Johnson thought the guy would touch it and his hand would stick to his face. Genius!  Hmm, only prob was the glue rolled down the victims cheek, into one of his eyes and ear. Yep, as you can imagine when the victim woke his eye was sealed shut and he couldn’t hear. Of course Johnson has been charged and the victim is still seeking medical treatment because the glue drained into his inner ear. And so ends their New York camping trip.


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