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Say What?

Just to get you all warmed up for the Superbowl here are some Texans trying to pronounce the names of a few Wisconsin places.

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Jesus Hates Obama

Sheez, Fox network are refusing to air the Jesus Hates Obama commercials during the Superbowl. Hmm, probably because politics and religion never mix. The company, which flogs anti Obama merchandise, must be doing quite nicely  as a 30 second spot during Superbowl is $2.3 million.


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Oh When The Saints Come Marching In

Congrats to the New Orleans Saints for winning this year’s Super bowl! If you were ever going to write a fairytale, this would be it. After the Saint’s stadium became the refuge for victims of Hurricane Katrina and was declared unusable it looked like the future of The Saints was in jeopardy. For a brief moment in time the Saints had to relocate, but they came back…. not giving up on their city. Fast forward to 2010 and the streets of New Orleans flood once again but this time with the tears of jubilation. Who Dat?

Psst Put that in your pipe George W and smoke it!


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