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Embarrassed much?

Oh my, you know what I hate? When you stick a dainty little sequined hat to your head with superglue and have to go to an emergency ward  to have it removed. I really hate that! Poor Shawn Merter not only had to suffer the humiliation of it all, doctors were unable to remove the entire hat, leaving the rim stuck firmly to his scalp.


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It Was Never Going To End Well

No Michael Johnson, no, you never ever use super glue as a practical joke. Johnson (19) and his mates were on a camping trip when he decided to pour a tube of super glue onto one of his friends cheeks while he was sleeping. Johnson thought the guy would touch it and his hand would stick to his face. Genius!  Hmm, only prob was the glue rolled down the victims cheek, into one of his eyes and ear. Yep, as you can imagine when the victim woke his eye was sealed shut and he couldn’t hear. Of course Johnson has been charged and the victim is still seeking medical treatment because the glue drained into his inner ear. And so ends their New York camping trip.


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Truckie Gets An Earful Of Bluetooth

You know what I hate? When you break your cell phone’s bluetooth headset, repair it with superglue and then your boss rings. I really hate that. Gye Gardner had just finished doing a superglue repair job when his phone rang. He automatically popped the headset in his ear. It wasn’t until a good five minutes later that he realized the glue had hardened and it was stuck good and proper into his ear. Like a typical male he used a spoon to remove it, leaving several pieces of skin and pride on the earpiece.


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