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Naked Salutes For Harry

Israeli soldiers salute you Harry

Harry’s little exploit in Las Vegas not only got him a bucket full of woe from his granny but his girlfriend  dumped him. Now there is talk that Captain Harry Wales of the 3 Regiment Army Air Corps may be disciplined  by the army too. Dear god, is no one amused? Hmm, yes, about 30,000 of you. Facebook has now got a page encouraging people to go full monty in support of the best friggin prince EVER.  Go on support Harry with a naked salute right here.


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Joran Van Der Sloot Fan Club

Membership 1. Oh for crying out loud, a female radiologist in the US, has taken suspected murderer Joran Vander Sloot under her protective wing. Mary Hamer from Florida, believes the poor boy is suffering Post Traumatic Stress due to the notoriety the first “unsolved” crime (Natalee Holloway) drew… “He has been beaten up and attacked by rich, middle-age Americans who have slandered him all over the world. There have been multiple civil rights violations made against this poor young man.”. Hmm, yeah, and what about the rights of Stephany Flores???? Hamer, who pays for Joran’s legal fees and sends him care packages says she is Joran’s “civil rights advocate, spiritual guide, and guardian angel.” Hmm, go sell crazy somewhere else lady. Hamer, who has already visited Joran twice in the Peruvian prison, believes he should be receiving medical treatment for his post traumatic stress. Seriously, if Joran was suffering post traumatic stress the last thing he would be doing  was trying to extort money from Beth Twitty in order to fund his  gambling habits in Peru.


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